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The superintendent, as a representative of the district, is given the responsibility of informing the public as to the pur­pose, goals, methods, and progress of the educational program.  Accuracy, reliability, and leadership in this area will develop confidence and understanding, thereby creating better relation­ships between the school district and the community.  All school personnel are responsible for good public relations.


Therefore, all social media publications, written notices, bulletins, newsletters, and matters pertaining to students are to be submitted to the prin­ci­pal prior to release.  Matters that pertain to the district will be submitted to the superintendent of schools prior to release.


Non-school-originated material shall be disseminated by the principal.


The policy is not intended to interfere with the responsibility of district personnel to communicate with the parents or legal guar­dians of a particular student.  It is intended to ensure that prompt, reliable, and accurate information is provided to parents and patrons of this district.


It is also intended to ensure accuracy and to prevent liability for the unauthorized disclosure of information published by school employees on the internet.


Any issue that appears to be sensitive or which may involve confidential information shall be cleared through the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee.


Employees publishing to social media or other internet platforms should understand that they are representatives of the district.  Internet postings of school employees have a direct impact on the reputation and public perception of the district.  Employees should refrain from publishing information that could cause embarrassment to or impact the welfare of students, staff, and community members.