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                                       NEWS MEDIA RELATIONS



The Tannehill Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to provide accurate information concerning the school district to the community and seeks to establish a good working relationship with the news media.


Therefore, it is the policy of the board of education to cause any information that is to be released to the media to be carefully monitored.  Such monitoring is intended to insure accuracy and to prevent any potential liability for the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.  The school district will comply fully with the Freedom of Information Act and Open Records Act.


Any issue that appears to be sensitive or which may involve confidential information shall be cleared through the superintendent or the superintendent's designee.  It may, in the superintendent's discretion, be necessary to submit issues that could lead to community disruption to the board of education.


The welfare of our students and the community is important and information that could cause embarrassment to either should be carefully screened prior to release.