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The Tannehill Board of Education believes that the first priority in the use of its school property is the education of children in the district.  However, local citizens are encouraged to use the property for other reasonable general public use in­cluding religious, political, literary, community, cultural, scientific, mechanical, agricultural, or parental involvement purposes.


The school district will make school property available for public recreation before or after normal school hours, on weekends, or during school vacations, and by appointment.  Specific property that will be open includes:  cafeteria, gymnasium, playground and ball field.  The school district will not provide supervision during these hours and any use should be carefully monitored by parents or legal guardians. 


The school district will provide emergency shelter for patrons during weather emergencies.  Animals will/will not be permitted in the school district’s tornado shelter. 


The board shall exercise its authority to fix and collect rentals, rates, and charges for the occupancy or use of school property in such amounts and in such manner as may be determined.


The superintendent is directed to establish rules and regulations in support of this policy.  The rules and regula­tions will require evidence of appropriate liability insurance coverage.  The school district will not permit the use of school property or equipment by any person or organization that does not furnish evidence of sufficient insurance coverage.


If the district has provided classroom space or other school facilities for a federally sponsored Head Start program and is planning to make a material change in the arrangement, the superintendent will give notice to the director of the Head Start program at least seven (7) days prior to a school board hearing on the matter.





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NOTE:                  Senate Concurrent Resolution 60 of 1994 recommends that school districts make school transportation equipment available to community-based organizations in transporting elderly persons.