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As executive officer of the Tannehill Board of Education, the superintendent of schools, in consultation with the president and other members of the board, is responsible for the preparation of the agenda for board meetings.  Items for the agenda may be sug­gested by board members, staff members, students, or patrons of the district.  The inclu­sion of items suggested by staff members, students, or patrons will be at the discretion of the superintendent.


If the item "new business" is on the regular meeting agenda, matters that qualify as "new business", because they were not known or could not have been reasonably known 24 business hours prior to the meeting, may be considered and may be acted upon.


Proposals for executive sessions will be included on the agenda, including a reference to the specific section of the Oklahoma Statutes which author­izes an executive session for the proposed item.  The proposal must contain suffi­cient information to advise the public that an executive session will be proposed, what matters are proposed to be discussed, the names of school employees (if any) to be discussed, and what action, if any, is contemplated.  Executive sessions must be authorized by a vote of the majority of members in attendance.


The agenda and any supporting material will be distributed to members of the board as far in advance of the meet­ing date as possible, but not less than 2 (two) calendar days.  Copies of the agenda will be made available to the media and the public upon request.  The school district will offer and consistently maintain an email system for distribution of the agenda and a process for people to obtain a copy of the agenda at the school district during normal business hours at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting.  Those interested in receiving a copy of the agenda via email should contact the business office of the school district during normal business hours.  In addition, a copy of the agenda will be posted on the school district’s Internet web site located at






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